“The whole is greater than
the sum of the parts.”


Professional. Experienced. Trusted. Authentic. Reliable. Loyal.

I may be the face and founder of this gig, but the truth is The Marketing Department is nothing without the collective commitment of its people, and our inspiring clients who allow us to share their successes and their learnings with us.

Put simply we are a professional, talented bunch of humans who truly love what we do. Everything for us revolves around experience: to have experience and knowledge in what we do, to have an experience, to learn from experience, and to be an experience. It’s about having real connections with people, brands and businesses.

Collectively we have well over 100 years of solid marketing experience across all channels. I know, I know, that is a very ‘marketing thing’ to say. However on reflection, apart from feeling as old as Yoda, unless you’re a business juggernaut with incredible budgets and marketing opex, then your business would be very hard pressed to be able to employ the people you REALLY NEED AND WANT.

Lucky for us… we have those people. And we are happy to share and become part of your team for as long or short as you like, and minus the ongoing headcounts and other associated business costs and commitments you could do without.

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The Formal Spiel

The Marketing Department has decades of experience in national B2B/B2C marketing and communications from small to large multimillion-dollar companies across a diverse range of industries.

We are a respected leader of internal and external creative teams with long term relationships with many of our third party partners. Conceptualise and orchestrate marketing content, campaigns and initiatives that effectively reinforce and build brands, along with increased sales while providing and maintaining strong budget planning and management. Supported by maximum impact communication strategies. Specialists in the technical, conceptual and content development of sales-driving and engaging assets. Ability to drive marketing campaign responses and execute successful and memorable product launches and events. Nurture, develop and maintain many marketing and general business relationships whether it be employers, employees, suppliers, our clients, and consumers.

What makes us different to the hundreds of other marketing businesses out there?

  • When we ask you how you are, we mean it, they aren’t just words.
  • Classy, deep, emotional, fun, rewarding and successful experiences.
  • Top shelf wine and coffee – oh, and chocolate. And maybe add cheese too.
  • Our unique personality!

We are The Marketing Department