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When is the right time to start my marketing plan?

There is no better time than right now! Marketing is an investment, taking thoughtful time to plan, implement and monitor all things marketing and sales.

How important is it to have marketing for my small business?

Without a plan, you’re seriously wandering the woods – in the dark! Success doesn’t happen by chance, it needs a plan, a roadmap. If the spot marked X is where we need to be, then we need to establish the path to get there.

Why should I pay for your services instead of growing my own marketing team?

We have a team of experts with over 100 years collective experience. Not all SME’s can afford that kind of knowledge and expertise. They also might not need them all the time either.

We thrive on becoming an extension of your brand and business without the risk to you of being a permanent cost. We can partner with you on a monthly ongoing basis, as long as required, or a project-by-project basis which requires very little ‘on-boarding’ and management from you. And, if you eventually grow to warrant a full-time permanent team, then we will be there to support you, and them through the transition.

I have no idea where to start and what marketing I need?

At TMD we have a team of specialists to guide you. We have more than 25 years experience in ‘where to start’. We will help you identify your key goals and objectives and how best to achieve them within your budget, capacity and general resources.

Why do I need to outsource my social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram? I can manage this myself after hours.

Because you don’t. You may have all the best intentions in the world, however, from our experience we know that this is the one area of marketing that is ALWAYS the most deprioritised. In today’s day and age of social media marketing, to not have some level of social media activity, is really not best marketing practice. Did you know that 80% of Australians are active on social media? And almost 30% of Aussies research brands via social media? So if you’re not playing in this space, you’re missing out!

Believe us, we completely understand that it takes time and resources to set up and continue to run a solid social media plan. How about you focus on the running of your business, while we take this one off your plate? Goodness knows you’re probably spinning a number of them!