Marketing concepts on glass office whiteboard

Marketing Concepts & Campaigns

Remember when you were a child, and you assaulted your parents with a ruthless and prolonged campaign for that toy you were dying to have? Why did the campaign succeed or fail? Simple. Emotion.

Generate Emotion

Want new customers, and keep the ones you have?

Great marketing campaigns have a knack for generating strong emotions spurring on people toward the desired outcome. In the case of the toy, your parents probably gave in, emotionally drained from your constant nagging. Either that or they were left emotionally scarred for the next twelve months. While we don’t condone acting like a five-year old with your customer base, carefully planned and executed campaigns get results. The Marketing Department can help you generate interest in your business that brings customers to you, and that stay with you.

Get that toy you want! Contact us now. Now? How about now? Now? What about now? I promise I’ll clean my room. Now?

  • Client acquisition campaigns
  • Client retention campaigns and loyalty programs
  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Mail campaigns
  • Traditional and digital media marketing
  • Campaigns with multi-channel exposure