Marketing Strategy, Planning & Delivery

Poor Wile E. Coyote. He could never catch the Road Runner. It wasn’t lack of trying. After all, he had an endless supply of anvils and dynamite, did he need anything else?Turns out he was missing ‘strategy’. There is no execution without it. No pun intended!You see, a plan says “ok here’s what we need to do”, while the strategy says “here are the best steps and why and how we need to do them”. It’s a refining process. To be one step ahead of your competition, you need an agile marketing plan aligned to a strategy designed to deliver results. The Marketing Department can help you assess your place in the market, define your goals, and implement a forward-looking plan and strategy, to give you that competitive advantage you’re looking for.The Road Runner knew precisely what he was doing. He had a strategy. That’s pretty clear – he’s still alive. The Coyote only had half-baked plans. Be the Road Runner.

Marketing Strategies

Laying the foundation & framework

It could be a product launch or a project based plan, annual business plan or marketing planning and strategising you need support with. Our Marketing Managers and specialists can assist with:

  • Facilitation of a SWOT analysis to discuss and uncover key areas of your business
  • In collaboration with you and your team, develop and implement a 6-12 month marketing plan and strategy
  • Integrate sales and marketing opportunities
  • Build and include campaigns that make a positive impact
  • Bring new ideas to the table and share experiences
  • Help establish a clear picture of who are and who are not, your target audiences and segmenting these groups
  • Assessing what marketing assets you have in your marketing briefcase that should be dusted off, shelved or thrown out the window
  • Reviewing your business’s customer experience/customer journey
  • Developing, shaping and evolving your brand identity
  • Product launch plans and sales strategies
  • Helping you get your thoughts into some kind of order and structure so that they can be articulated, communicated and acted upon